Batty In Brazil

In January 2013 I travelled to Medina, Brazil to spend 18 months working as a dance instructor with Meninadança, a charity that works to engage vulnerable women and children through dance.

Dare To…

22nd June 2013

Dare to dream Dare to be alive Dare to do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never tried Dare to be courageous […]

The latest Meninadanca Event – Open Your Eyes

18th June 2013

Open Your Eyes: Your Look can Transform Our Lives was the name of the latest Meninadanca event in Medina, it was to revel a piece of […]

Meninadanca & Human Rights in The Pink House

4th June 2013

Throughout the month of May we have been exploring the theme of Human Rights which was chosen to coincide with May 18th Brazil’s national day […]

New Meninadança Volunteers

29th May 2013

It’s been another exciting month in the Pink House with the arrival of 2 new volunteers who will be staying here until mid June, so […]

Lives Lost and Hearts Broken

21st May 2013

Just one moment caused so much to change, living life one way then before you know it your forced to live another way. Life was […]