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Team Motivation

Posted on 18th November 2012

These are the amazing people I have had the pleasure to work alongside while been in Cochabamba.

This is Sandra aka Chica de Oro which means golden girl. She is the project coordinator at the Motivation Centre. We have been teaching her English while been here, her favourite sayings consist of ‘I am pretty woman’ and ‘I am model for Mosoj Yan’ these sayings have brightened up most days. While we have been here Sandra has gone out of her way to help us and accommodate us, like all of the team she is very good at her job. Sandra also enjoys cooking and creating her own dishes, we call her Sandra the inventor! While being here I have taught quite a lot of Zumba, Sandra has loved taking part and another saying she has taken on is ‘I like to move it move it’

This is Freddy aka Puma. He is the street educator at the motivation centre. As mentioned in the previous blog he has built wonderful relationships with the children and young people living on the streets, this definitely reflects how good he is at his job! He has a big heart and cares a lot about the young people living on the streets, as do all the staff at the centre. Working on the streets with him has been one of my favourites pastimes of the work I’ve done here. We have had lots of good times on the streets with Freddy.

Freddy has a love for music, especially songs romantico. He is also a musician and really enjoys playing the guitar and singing. On my Birthday he sung Happy Birthday to me (in Spanish and English) while me and sandra danced around the office, definitely the highlight of my day!

This is Libertad aka Muñeca which means doll. She is the baker of the team, she enjoys baking very big and tasty cakes and is very good at it! She also teaches the girls who use the centre these skills, which is great as it helps them to develop their work skills and creates opportunity for them to start and sell what they bake to make a honest living. She also teaches the girls crafts, for the same reason.

She helps the girls however she can and just by been who she is helps builds the girls self esteem and confidence. Libertad loves fitness and used to be Miss Bolivia, she has also really enjoyed learning English and doing Zumba.

This is Jakie aka gatúbela which means catwoman. She is the physiologist across Mosoj Yan and works very closely with many of the young people in the various projects Mosoj Yan have. I believe the kind of physiological help and support Jakie provides is essential in the lives of the young people Mosoj Yan work with. The work she does is very important and really supports the young people in their rehabilitation process and continually supports them getting through the struggles of their lives. As she is around all of the centres, I haven’t spent as much time with her as I have with the rest of the staff. However I can see the importance of her work and what a wonderful lady she is.

And then there’s John, my fellow Yorkshire lad and team mate who has worked with me at The Motivation Centre for the time we’ve been here. He has had the patience of a Saint to put up with me for 8 weeks. John has done a lot of work on the Garden at the centre which is coming along great, once finished will do a post on his handy work. He has also been a little dab hand at Zumba and has enjoyed shaking his hips and getting down with the myself and the rest of the staff.

These wonderful people have contruibuted to my time in Cochabamba massively! The whole team at The Motivation Centre have been amazing and inspired me in so many ways that will stay with me forever. My time here has passed by so quickly, I value every minute of the time I have spent with this wonderful team and feel privileged to have worked alongside them. I will miss them all dearly.

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