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A Quick Update

Posted on 14th December 2013

I wanted to do a little post to keep all my followers updated with my plans and progress, as many of you know from following my journey I was hoping to be back in Brazil at The Pink House for Christmas. Unfortunately this Isn’t going to happen as I’m still waiting for my visa to be processed and granted, I’m pretty sad about this as I was hoping to be back in Brazil sooner but everything has just taken a bit longer than expected. To the people who have donated money for Christmas Presents, don’t worry your presents will get to the girls in The Pink House just in the New Year.

So where does the money go?

As most of you will know my work in Brazil with Meninadanca is voluntary and I rely on peoples financial support and my fundraising efforts to fund what I do. Over the last few months I have done a number of things to fund raise for my return to Brazil and have been blown away by the generosity of all who have donated their money and their time to me; from the people around me to total strangers I am ever so grateful because without people’s financial support the work I do would be impossible.
2013-10-25 22.01.43 Anyone who has donated through the events I have done like Gala for Good and the Morrisons collection; your support has enabled me to fund my travel costs back to The Pink House and also buy some great resources to take back with me.

gala for good header

When I was thinking about what resources I should take back with me I thought it was important to buy things that I can use to teach the girls new skills so that we can invest in their future and help them to learn how to make a living for themselves. My hope is that the new skills we teach the girls will serve as a way out of a life of abuse and prostitution and give them a sense of hope and a brighter future.

2013-11-28 00.45.40The first was a sewing machine, material and equipment; this is going to enable me to teach the girls how to make clothes, bags, costumes, accessories and do alterations. I’m sure we will have a number of girls that will really enjoy this activity and will take to it like a duck does to water. My hope is that this activity will hopefully be the start of a career in sewing and dressing making for some of our girls.

A month ago I had never even used a sewing machine before never mind made anything and now, thanks to my amazing teacher I have learnt how to make PJ bottoms and a draw string bag from scratch! I have bought enough material and resources for each girl at The Pink House to learn how to make these garments. I’m very excited about this and no doubt once the girls get going we will have many other items being made from The Pink House sewing room.

2013-11-28 01.00.0620131210-132614.jpg

My next investment is for The Pink House salon, anyone who is familiar with Brazilian Culture will understand the importance of looking well groomed; men wax and dye their body hair and most woman have very well looked after nails and hair. So of course The Pink House has it’s own salon where we can work with the girls holistically around health, body image and self esteem and also teach them skills in hair and beauty.


These are just some of the new resources I have bought for the salon, my hope is that we will use these to develop the girls nail art skills and begin to teach them how to use their skills to build a life and career for themselves and earn an honest living in the future.


And finally not forgetting all the amazing Christmas Presents you guys have bought from donating through my campaign on Facebook -‘Donate £1 & Buy a Pink House Christmas Present.’ These are the presents I have bought so far, lots of things little girls like:

Dolls, Barbies, Coloring Books, Jigsaws, Toys, Hair accessories, Notebooks, Pencils, Pens, Nail polishes, Lip glosses, Earrings, Recorders and Chalk boards…


I have to apologise that these gifts will be arriving to The Pink House with me after Christmas but I can assure you that every £1 you guys have donated has bought a present for a girl at The Pink House.

2013-11-14 20.22.002013-11-14 20.24.57

To everyone who has donated their hard earned cash to me I thank you ever so much!! Together we are making a genuine difference to the lives of many vulnerable girls in Medina, Brazil. We are investing in their futures and planting seeds that will continue to grow and blossom for years to come! Your support never goes unnoticed and I am forever grateful!

If you want to know more about how you can support me and get involved in my work please contact me or take a look on the Donate page.

As always thank you for visiting my blog and supporting my journey, until next time…

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