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Its That Time Again…

Posted on 8th December 2012


We’re at that time of year again….it’s Christmas!! A time when everyone is stressing about presents and turkeys. Everyone is running around like headless chickens all for the sake of one day where money, gifts and materialism seems to take over. I find it shocking that a huge percentage of people in the UK are still paying off debts from last Christmas and still insist on doing the same this Christmas!


I ask myself…What is the point? Isn’t there so much more to life than material possessions? It seems that nowadays many people are living busy hectic lifestyles full of just chasing stuff. Stuff that they think will make them happy, when in reality no amount of material stuff truly fills that void.

At times it feels like I can be surrounded by people who have a life full of belongings and material goods but yet many really have nothing but stuff that doesn’t make them happy.


Coming from a place where many people have literally nothing, other than the clothes on their back and the change in their pockets has made me start to question why do we feel like we need so much stuff?? Life is so much simpler and in my experience people seem to be much happier with less! The more we have the more we want…


They say money makes the world go round and yes money helps make life easier, more comfortable and enables you to have more opportunities and freedom but there is so much more to life!

At this time of year it’s easy to forget the simple things in life are the things that really matter. The things that don’t cost anything or very little are the most important. You can’t put a price on or buy happiness, good friends, family and health! I know I won’t be getting lots of presents and stuff this Christmas but I know I don’t need all that. I have the most loving and supportive friends and family I could ask for, I have my health and my loved ones health and I happiness and contentment in life, and this makes me a very rich girl!


You don’t need money and lots of presents to be rich this Christmas!

I hope you have a blessed and wonderful time this festive season.


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  1. Beautiful. Miss Batty.This best things in life aren’t things.

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