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Dare To…

Posted on 22nd June 2013

Dare to dream
Dare to be alive
Dare to do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never tried

Dare to be courageous
Dare to be bold
Dare to go out on a limb not knowing what will unfold

Dare to say goodbye
Dare to say hello
To all the new possibilities life has to show

Dare to walk where there is no path
Dare to go forward and not look back
Dare to close your eyes and trust you’ll stay on track

Dare to show compassion
Dare to show your heart
Dare to love the one you find so hard

Dare to be different
Dare to be strange
Dare to be the one that strives for positive change

Dare to be caring
Dare to be hopeful
Dare to be the one who’s never careful

Dare to love
Dare to trust
Dare to do the things you know you must

Dare to be happy
Dare to be sad
Dare to do the things that make you look mad

Dare to be who you are
Dare to be who you want
Dare to, I challenge you

I dare you…


3 Responses to “Dare To…”

  1. Proud on you batz!!!

  2. Wow this is very moving.xx

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