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Logo Design Workshop

Posted on 6th April 2013

Meninadança is in the process of having a new logo designed and we thought it’d be a great idea to get the girls involved by getting them to contribute their thoughts on what they think it should depict and represent.

Myself and the designer ran a few different workshops to explore what Casa Rosa and Meninadança meant to the girls, we really wanted the responses we received to be free of our influence so whilst the workshops had a loose structure the thoughts of the girls were quite a big influence on the direction each workshop took.

2013-03-26 13.48.04-2

We started off by asking the girls what words and emotions sprung to mind when they thought of Meninadança and Casa Rosa and these are some of the words they came up with…

Love, care, harmony, humility,  girl dancers,
helping hand,  new life,  learning, cool,  attention,
2nd home,  focus,  union,  peace,  hope,  God,  family,  dance,
happiness,  affection,  good,  prosperity,  equality,
security,  friendship,  working together ,  care,  support,  joy,  compassion

Then we asked the girls to try and come up with something visually that represented Meninadança and Casa Rosa, some girls came up with some really good drawings and images whilst others struggled so decided to use more words to describe what they wanted to say….

2013-03-26 13.52.21

The Pink House is a place where we all live together as one family
I love the Pink House
The Pink house for me is very good
God loves everyone in the Pink House


2013-03-26 13.52.01

The Pink House is a secure house for me
Lorena is a special person to me
I adore the Pink house it is very full of love

2013-03-26 09.01.54

Thank you for all that you have taught me
God is faithful
I love everyone in the Pink House

2013-03-26 14.10.56

The Pink House with lots of affection
God is our loving father
Aline, Rita, Cassilandia, Lorena, Cristina, Maria and Joel all united.

2013-03-26 13.56.52

The girls came up with some great ideas to help us generate themes for the new logo and it was wonderful to hear the girls saying such amazing things about Casa Rosa and Meninadança. When I  looked back over the drawings I began to reflect on the responses of the girls and I was reminded again of the importance of Casa Rosa in their lives, it’s easy to forget how much the girls rely on Casa Rosa and Meninadança but an exercise like this makes it very apparent that week by week the work we’re doing is paying off and a sense of hope is being instilled within the mindset of the girls!

I’d love to hear your ideas and comments about what you feel the new logo should represent, please leave them below and i’ll share them with our designer

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Logo was designed by Mizotion Creative

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  1. Great photos, Great vision, Great work. Well done Lauren Abencoes para todos:)

  2. Wow, Such a wonderful design with creative hands.
    It’s all inspiring designs.
    Thankes for sharing.

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