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Meninadanca & Human Rights in The Pink House

Posted on 4th June 2013

Throughout the month of May we have been exploring the theme of Human Rights which was chosen to coincide with May 18th Brazil’s national day to combat the sexual exploitation of children and adolescences.

18th May


In dance we’ve been exploring this theme by creating a piece which was performed at the event in the main square of Medina. To help the girls create movement surrounding this theme I thought it was a good idea to use some words that are associated with human rights and sexual exploitation as a starting point.

I asked each girl to come up with frozen positions that they thought represented these words:

Respect, Equality, Freedom, Prison, Slavery, Dignity, Justice, Hope

The girls came up with some really creative and interesting positions which I found really helpful in understanding their physical reaction and representation to these words, it also helped me to know what they understood of this theme.

See if you can guess what positions represent which words..

We began to create movement from these frozen positions that eventually developed into choreography, we rehearsed this and some of our girls performed it at the event.

The Event

The event was held in the main square of Medina gathering the local council and officials, other Non for Profit organisations and members of the local community.


The picture you see to the left are posters that were hanging around the town displaying the national number to report sexual abuse.

This is an annual event and each year a T-shirt is designed as another way of promoting and supporting the cause, we was lucky enough to get our brand new Meninadanca logo printed on them; check our Rita our project coordinator modelling one here..


The Performance

Over the past several months I have witnessed the girls prepare and partake in a number of performances and yet the pride I feel grows more each time I witness the fruition of their practice and hard work.

This performance was slightly different from previous because I decided to perform with them, there was only a small number of our girls performing so I thought this would instill a sense of confidence and security within the girls and also reaffirm that I am part of their group.


As well as the dance piece we had Christina’s theatre group perform a very moving a piece told from the perspective of a victim of sexual exploitation that is reluctant to speak out. The piece was hard hitting and communicated the message that it is OK to speak out and that their is support for victims is available.


The more performances we do the more I can see how much our girls have progressed in such a short space of time, it shows that what our team; Rita, Aline, Maria, Christina and myself are doing is having a positive effect and helping to improve their confidence and self belief.

Here’s some pictures of the event and the girls getting ready before hand, taken by the wonderful Rachel Alvarez…

2013-06-04 09.47.46
2013-06-04 09.50.59
2013-06-04 09.48.40

The theme on Human Rights continues as we begin to prepare for another performance and take part in an amazing community art project which will leave Meninadanca’s mark on Medina for many years to come, be sure to check out my next post for all the Info.

As always thank you for your continued support, love and prayers! Feel free to share this post with friends and continue browsing through my previous posts.


2 Responses to “Meninadanca & Human Rights in The Pink House”

  1. Not sure wot I’ve done wrong but I can’t view photos..
    It is all very interesting the work u have done with these girls is amazing..
    Well done l. Lauren u r a star & your team too
    God luv u all x

  2. I have managed to see the pictures now it is fantastic& so beautiful to see what my wonderful daughter is doing to help these lovely girls…god bless u all xxx

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