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Lives Lost and Hearts Broken

Posted on 21st May 2013

Just one moment caused so much to change, living life one way then before you know it your forced to live another way.

Life was bright and felt secure,
Now there’s deep pain and sorrow to endure.

Please come back hearts are broken,
You might be gone but your never forgotten.

This post is in remembrance of the 3 young boys were tragically killed in Medina last week. On the eve of Mothers Day 2 young boys were shot dead in the main square of the town, anytime of year is an awful time for a family to loose a loved one but for their mothers to mourn and have to endure their sons funeral on Mothers Days must of been heartbreaking even more so.

Many of our girls lives have been turned upside down by this tragic event, one girl especially as one of the boys was her brother and now she has been forced to move to another town 4 hours away for the sake of her own life and safety. Many of our girls had grown up with the boys and knew the boys well so have struggled with their loss along with the boys sister. Its been heartbreaking to see the girls experience such grief and pain but also encouraging to see how they have supported and comforted one another.

The repercussions from the weekends event has caused the gang rivalry and turf war in Medina to be more apparent than ever before, people are hurting and want revenge. Another young boy was shot dead on Monday last week, gun shots have been going off at the girls school and some of our girls and staff have received death threats because of where they live which understandably causing them to fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

We’ve worked so hard in The Pink House to create a sense of equality and community cohesion among the girls and a time like this can undo all the progression we’ve made. Many of our girls have stopped attending The Pink House and the animosity among the girls from different community’s has resurfaced.

Please pray we can regain unity among the girls and that the turf war and violence in the town will not stop the girls attending, also pray for all our girls and their families who are currently grieving and for the protection of our girls and staff at The Pink House and that light will come and break forth into this darkness,  no more lives lost and no more hearts broken.

Thanks for your continual support and prayers


10 Responses to “Lives Lost and Hearts Broken”

  1. We are praying for those girls and boys and you..May God keep them and protects them with comfort

  2. Hi Lauren

    Just read your blog and I will pray for you and the girls/staff at the pink house during this difficult time.

    Must say I think your doing an amazing work out there in Brazil with the girls, really inspired by you and your heart for God and his people. You are Blessed and will be blessed for doing his work. We’re all thinking and praying for you!

    Love and massive hugs

    Claire xxxxx

    • Thanks Claire means a lot to have peoples support back home. Looking forward to catching up when I get back

      Much Luv xx

  3. Saddened to hear the news of yet more violence Lauren, praying for you and the project
    Mick & Brenda

    • Yeah it has been a tough few weeks Mick, thank God it seems like it calming down a little now. Thank you for yours and Breanda’s prayers and support!

  4. “My peace I leave with you”


  5. Hi Lauren

    May you know that inner Peace and comfort that only knowing God can bring.
    We’re standing in prayer with you for every aspect of this tragedy to be turned around in some amazing way so that what the devil intended to kill, steal and destroy will breath new life into the lives of all whose lives have been affected inANY WAY in particular your life and the lives of all the girls associated with the Pink House love you Lauren x Anita & Michael xx

    • Hey Anita, your encouragement means a lot, Thank You! I also believe somehow God will use what has been meant to harm for his purpose and good. The girls are being strong and are well supported here by myself and the staff. Thanks again for your Prayers, encouragement and support! Much Luv xx

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