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The Pink House – Week 4

Posted on 20th March 2013

So another week in the Pink House, where do I start?

During week 4 we dedicated a lot of time to the exploration of the meaning of ‘family’. Considering the kind of families many of the girls come from, it was understandable that the discussion of this subject was the catalyst for a range of emotional responses from the girls with a number of them becoming visibly upset.

Although its not nice to see the girls upset, it’s wonderful to see that some of them are at a point where they feel comfortable enough to express their thoughts and feelings with the group. One of the girls broke down in tears as she prayed for her alcoholic father and was unable to continue, but it was heartening to see another girl show great compassion by stepping in and continuing the prayer which brought many of the girls to tears.

2013-03-04 17.33.05 One particular day this week I prepared a session that looked at what kind of things are good to have within a family unit, we looked at; Love, peace, care, support, working together, encouragement and taking an interest in one another. The girls were in agreement that all these attributes were important but ranked them differently in terms of importance and explained their reasoning which often related to their personal circumstances and what they felt was most absent from their family. It was encouraging to hear that many of the girls felt the attributes they valued most were present within the Pink House.

Also this week, one of the girls did an across stick poem to describe Casa Rosa (The Pink House) It reads…. Carinho, Amor, Solidariedade, Amizade, Razao, Observacao, Seguranca, Auto estima! Which in English means… affection, love, solidarity, friendship, reason, observation, security, self esteem! It’s wonderful to know the girls are using such words to describe The Pink House.


This week I introduced the award ‘dancer of the week,’ I had been trying to think of an incentive to give the girls a little extra motivation and recognition for their efforts and decided upon a weekly award for one person within the morning and afternoon sessions. This seemed to go down really well, the winners were beaming with pride and more importantly the other girls were all very supportive of the winners.

2013-03-04 11.14.24

We have a show in the main square of the town on the 9th March for International Woman’s Day and a Meninadança Showcase on the 16th. There are a lot of preparations underway in the Pink House as the latter event includes dance and drama performances as well as the opportunity for some of the girls to showcase some of the items they’ve made in the art and craft sessions. The event on the 9th of March includes a dance performance by 6 girls and the event on the 16th has a number of performances with the grand finale being a dance performance including all the girls which promises to be very challenging. The girls are really excited about the upcoming performances and are working really hard to learn the routines.

As always thanks for visiting my blog, week 5 will be up real soon with news from the girls performance on the 9th March.

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