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The latest Meninadanca Event – Open Your Eyes

Posted on 18th June 2013

Open Your Eyes: Your Look can Transform Our Lives was the name of the latest Meninadanca event in Medina, it was to revel a piece of work by the our volunteer artist Kim Alexander who had the amazing idea to transform a derelict empty space in the town into a huge community art project.


Collaborating with local artists, members of the community and our girls at the Pink House, in just over one week they transformed this huge space into a beautiful piece of art with a message to the community of Open your Eyes: Your Look can Transform Our Lives.

During the week leading up to the event our Pink House girls got the opportunity to leave their personal marks on the mural by painting designs onto the eye, each eye representing a different girl.


Each of them took great pride in their work taking a lot of time and extra care to make sure their eye was a unique representation of themselves.




This is Kim with one of the local artists who helped make this project possible, the words on the steps leading up to the mural read from top to bottom:


God, Love, Peace, Respect, Unity, Dignity, Equality, Justice, Life, Hope.


The highlight of the night for me was the two theatre performances that were prepared by our very talented Pink House drama teacher Cristina, the first was selection of short poems our girls had written themselves:

We need you to look with new eyes,
because we do not want a strange look.
Not with looks of evil, but with a look of love and happiness.

Your look can change my life, If you just see me differently.
And if you want to look at me with affection,
It’s just you that can make it happen.

To love is to be loved,
Have respect and to be respected.
I want love, I want peace, and you could be my peace.

We live in a big world, Where we all look differently.

Changes in my life: a smile, with a hug, with love and happiness.

Not just me but like all others,
We want respect from such people who are superior to us,
who can look fondly and how we really are.
In this world no one is better than anyone, We are all equal.

Your look can change my life.
I would like to be respected,  just as I respect them.
I need affection, sincerity, harmony. That’s what I want you to give me.

Do not look at me in a bad way, If not I will look at you the same way.
Yes I will.

It’s so easy to be my friend. I tell you this:
Hey! You! Listen!

No matter if the world looks at me with a different look!
The important thing is that I make a difference in the world …



The second was a piece based around the theme of the event and was inspired by the words you see the girls holding up in the picture below:

Freedom, love, family, faithful, peace, unity, God and respect.


The audience got a little insight into the process of this amazing transformation by watching a time laps video, as I watched it I was reminded of what an achievement it had been for Kim and the other artists to transform this huge space in such a short space of time.


The piece was really well designed and thoughtout please take the time to have a look at the picture above and see the intricate detail, a huge well done to Kim Alexander for designing  stunning piece of art, she has well and truly left her mark here in Medina.

Take a look at the time laps video here…

For the dance performance of the night I decided to continue some choreography one of our past volunteers had started to the Beyonce hit I Was Here, I thought the message of the song was quite in keepng with the theme of the event and as I translated the lyrics to the girls they also thought the same. This was a night where they felt they were leaving their mark on Medina and I wanted to try and represent this in the dance, as always they did me very proud as they displayed their dance skills and new found confidence to the audience.

Check out the video below to see how it looked…

Throughout the evening I felt quite emotional because this was my final event with our girls as I will returning back to the UK in the next few weeks, as the night came to a close some of them stood up and began to thank me for the work i’d done with them over the last 5 months. This totally caught me off guard and I was unable to hold back the tears after which all the girls embraced me with a huge group hug, a lovely way to finish off a fabulous evening.


As always thank you for checking out my blog, please feel free to share with friends and browse my other posts.

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  1. You are all soo amazing the work you are doing is fantastic.
    The girls will live with the memory for every
    Well done Lauren & your team .xx

  2. Acho que agora voce esta uma Brasileira. Um alguns meses mais e vai ser uma Brasileira:) Muito amor de MIck & Brenda

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