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New Meninadança Volunteers

Posted on 29th May 2013

It’s been another exciting month in the Pink House with the arrival of 2 new volunteers who will be staying here until mid June, so without further ado I’d like to introduce….

Kim Alexander

Kim is a very talented artist and animator from England that employs the main principles of Art Therapy in the sessions she conducts, this approach has allowed the girls to explore their feelings and emotions through creative expression which many of them have found more comfortable than communicating through direct conversations. Kim has worked really well alongside the permanent staff at the Pink House and is sharing her practices to ensure the activities she’s doing now can be continued when she leaves.

Kim’s first project with our girls has been to make personalised cardboard diaries to write down their thoughts and opinions on the theme we are currently exploring in the house which is Human Rights.

These are some of the girls creations..


The girls have responded really well to Kim’s approach and felt empowered enough to voice their thoughts and opinions on the subject of human rights which were the basis of a stop motion animation.

Kim worked with the girls on the creation of the video but the messages included were what the girls wanted to express, she emphasised to the girls that they had the freedom to voice their opinion and that nothing was either right or wrong. The girls embraced and enjoyed the sense of empowerment this element of the project brought and most encouragingly showed they were capable of collaborating with each other to produce something positive without being heavily directed by adults.

Many of the girls explored what message they wanted to put across through the design of their diaries..


They also used their diaries as a place to story board and write down ideas…


And from these activities the content of the animation begun to take shape…



The girls also made the characters and scenery for the video…

2013-05-14 14.18.2022013-05-21 10.11.002



And finally along with Kim’s help they filmed the animation and recorded the voiceovers.


Its been an amazing project which the girls have thoroughly enjoyed, it really captured their imagination whilst giving them an opportunity to address and discuss subjects they find more difficult to talk about directly.

Here’s the final animation complete with english sub titles..

For more about Kim and her work check out her blog here

Rachel Alvarez

Rachel is our new social worker here at The Pink House, she is a Mexican American with a wealth of experience in the field of human rights and more specifically working with victims of human trafficking. Since arriving Rachel has worked very closely with Rita who is the project co ordinator at The Pink House.

Upon Rachel’s return in October she will be working with the families of our girls and the wider community of Medina in the hope that we can gain the support and trust of more people outside the Pink House thus enabling the work we do with the girls to be reinforced by the community. Rachel will be meeting some of the families over the coming week to begin establishing relations, I hope you’ll all join us in praying for a positive start to the Meninadança community out reach which promises to be a key part of the project.

Rachel is also a very talented photographer and has been taking some amazing pictures in and around the Pink House, she has been ever so kind to let me use some of her photos on here so your in for a treat over the next few posts. Here’s a little taster of her handy work in the dance studio.

For more about Rachel and her work check out her blog here

As always thanks for checking out my blog, be sure to keep visiting as real soon I will be sharing more about the great arts projects Kim has been doing with our girls and also the fun we’ve been whilst exploring the subject of Human Rights in The Pink House.

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7 Responses to “New Meninadança Volunteers”

  1. Love it Lauren really love it, you guys doing brilliant work with these young girls:)

  2. Fantastic work lauren..
    I am a very proud mum& u r making so many changes in the way the girls think it is wonderful.
    Well done to u& all the team ..xxx

  3. Hi Lauren I would dearly love to hear about volunteer positions at the pink house, in Brazil.I currently work as a chef at a Christian conference centre in UK. But am unfamiliar with all of your work. Thank you .May God continue to Bless your ministry. Sue xxx

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