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The Pink House – Week 3

Posted on 1st March 2013

This week has been a week of yet again more achievements and successes. As the weeks go on I am growing incredibly fond of these girls as I get to know them all on a deeper level and I’ve been pleasantly surprised that our willingness to share thoughts and feelings with one another has meant the language barrier hasn’t posed a real problem.

In the Studio

Each day I teach 4 different dance classes at The Pink House and as time is progressing I am discovering the differences between each group and recognizing the varied abilities; this is great as I am now able to tailor my classes to the varying abilities rather than trying to engage them all with the same routines. All the girls are progressing really well and showing great signs of improvements in their dance skills but more importantly their are clear signs of improvement in their self esteem and willingness to help one another.

DSCF3017 (2) I start each class in the same way, by standing in a circle and reading together the quote on the wall which reads: “Don’t be the girl who fell down; be the girl who got back up”. When I arrived here I planned to refer to this quote quite a lot in the hope it would encourage the girls to persevere when things were tough and it seems to be working as I’ve noticed the girls are giving up a lot less and showing more self belief.

Many of the girls have dreams of becoming professional dancers or dance teachers and some have the potential to do so. My hope is that I will help some of the girls gain enough confidence and develop their skills so their dreams can become a reality and give them a brighter future.

The girls are currently learning how to do the splits and improve their flexibility, this is some of them stretching…..

Meninadança Girls

The Salon

2013-02-23 15.56.33 This week the salon did mini makeovers on most of the girls; they were taught make up skills and some of them had their hair styled. The girls really enjoy the workshops in the salon and it’s amazing to see the smiles on their faces when I tell them I like their hair and make up or how beautiful they look.

Some girls really enjoy receiving the pampering whilst others really enjoy doing the treatments, it’s clear we have some girls who would like to make a career for themselves in the field of hair and beauty and it’s great to know that the salon at the Pink House is helping these dreams become a reality.
2013-02-23 20.21.28

Arts & Crafts

2013-02-23 16.03.52 This week the girls were very excited about writing letters to the Meninadança supporters and all put a lot of effort into making their letters look special, the girls expressed to supporters exactly how they feel about the Pink House in their own words. Some of the girls really enjoy learning English so I translated a few sayings that they wanted to use: ‘Thank You Very Much,’ ‘I Love the Pink House’ and ‘I Love You,’ a few of the girls even wanted to use Google translate to write whole letters in English.
2013-02-23 16.33.56

This exercise gave me an opportunity to see how much the Pink House is valued by the girls, as I read some of the letters that had been written in English it was clear that the the Pink House is important to them and how it is becoming a key part of their lives.

More importantly Many of the girls are becoming conscious of the Pink House being a positive influence that can impact their futures for the better, it’s amazing to think that some of them are already aware of this and are now more hopeful about the future.
2013-02-23 20.22.31

Closing Thought….

As I reflect on this week I think the thing that stands out to me the most is knowing how important the Pink House is to the girls and how much they value it, it’s quickly becoming a coping tool for many and also a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Photo 28-02-2013 07 36 11If you are currently supporting myself or Meninadança I want you to know how valued you are because without your financial support we wouldn’t be able to have the impact on these girls and their families in the way that we are. I want to say a huge Thank You to you on behalf of myself, all the staff and girls at the Pink House, we are grateful beyond words for your support!

Thanks again for visiting my blog and supporting myself and Meninadança…

If you want to know more about how you could get involved in the Pink House feel free to contact me or to become a Meninadança partner Click Here

4 Responses to “The Pink House – Week 3”

  1. Great work Lauren your certainly being the influence you wanted to be to the girls.
    God bless and keep you:)
    Love Mick & Brenda

  2. Im so pleased to hear how well you are doing out there lauren. Your truely missed from el shaddai bradford and we look forward to hearing more. God bless you.

  3. Really amazing blog Lauren – really well written and so exciting to hear how things are progressing and how the girls are enjoying it so much – it seems literally like a breath of new life for them.

  4. Wow Lauren your fantastic work is having the impact you hoped..your girls are getting such a lot from it,
    I’m sure it will stay with them for the rest of theire lives.
    God gives the best gifts!!!
    I am gifted having a wonderful daughter giving love& hope to do many people..
    1proud mummy xxxx

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