Batty In Brazil

In January 2013 I travelled to Medina, Brazil to spend 18 months working as a dance instructor with Meninadança, a charity that works to engage vulnerable women and children through dance.

The Pink House – Week 4

20th March 2013

So another week in the Pink House, where do I start? During week 4 we dedicated a lot of time to the exploration of the […]

The Pink House – Week 3

1st March 2013

This week has been a week of yet again more achievements and successes. As the weeks go on I am growing incredibly fond of these […]

Salvador Carnival

22nd February 2013

Last week I had a week off because the Pink House was closed for carnival, so I took the opportunity to visit Salvador for the […]

The Pink House – Week 2

16th February 2013

Wow these weeks are flying by, I have to apologise now for falling behind on keeping you guys updated. It was Carnival time here last […]

The Pink House – Week 1

3rd February 2013

Well it’s the end of a very tiring, challenging yet amazing week at the Pink House. After 4 hours of dance Monday to Thursday; with […]